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LivingSoft Subscriber Newsletter | Volume 9

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 NEW from LivingsoftNW  - The Men's Essential Collection


Men’s Essential Collection - New Patterns, New Tools, New Fit

Pre-Order Dress Shop Men's Essential Collection and Save 20%!

The exciting new Men’s Essential Collection includes new tools, new men's fit type, new standard measurement charts for men, new design elements, 91 all new patterns, and new instructional articles. Get everything you would need to sew for the men in your family or anyone else that might want the fit of a man’s shirt, pajama, or robe. This large collection will outfit any man from dress pants and shirts to boxers, tees, and athletic wear.


Available 9-7-05, order now and save."


Programs and Keycodes

Livingsoft has three different programs that are available in CD and download form. These are The Dress Shop Family, Hat Shop, and Home Dec Sampler.

All Dress Shop programs are contained within the single installation of The Dress Shop Family. This includes all design tools, pattern collections and pattern sets.

Any additional pattern sets, pattern collections, and design tools purchased, unless newly released, are already within your Dress Shop program. If the purchase is a new release, you will need to download and install a new update from the web site. Updates are always free. To activate any new purchases, enter the issued keycode into your existing or updated Dress Shop program. There are several ways to enter your keycodes into Dress Shop:

1. When purchased, a confirmation email is sent, along with the keycode(s) for the purchased product. From within your Dress Shop program, select File>Enter Keycodes and manually enter your code. When manually entering keycodes, keep in mind that there are no letters “O”, “L”, or “I”, but rather the numbers zero ‘0’ and/or one‘1’. 


Q & A

Q.  When I download the updates does it create a whole new program on my C drive? I have multiple Dress Shop programs on my drive that are the result of down loaded updates, which ones do I keep?

A. Updates install into your existing Dress Shop program, over-writing and adding new files. Previous updates should never be removed, as this will disable your Dress Shop program. Also, the file sizes showing in the Add-Remove window are not accurate and do not display the correct sizes of the installed update files.




Another Free Pattern!

The free pattern for this month is men's travel vest or hiking vest.

To get and use your free pattern click here!



Sew Expo 2005

By Alice McGlothin

Each spring the swallows return to Capistrano..........and the stitchers come back to Puyallup, WA.  For the past 21 years the Washington State University Extension has hosted the Sewing & Stitchery Expo at the Washington State Fairgrounds in Puyallup (pew-AL-up) Washington.  It is the largest sewing expo on the west coast, and the biggest consumer sewing show in the United States. The show runs for four full days and includes seminars and hands-on classes.  Last year there were 386 booths with 205 vendors represented.  Of course LivingSoft was there. 

For the second year in a row, the Livingsoft booth was managed and hosted by the Washington State User Group.  The team, led by Kay Cook, designed, constructed and staffed the booth.

We had several laptop computers set up with the latest build of the full program on each.  As attendees approached the booth we had just one important question to ask:  "Would you like to be able to make clothes that REALLY fit, EVERY time you sew?"  That started off a conversation about Dress Shop.

Most people today are using computers for all types of sewing and craft design.  They are fascinated by a program that can take as few as five or as many as 57 measurements, and draft a clothing pattern.  We emphasized that these patterns are custom designed for anyone, even those with hard-to-fit body issues.  And the program drafts for men, women, children and dolls!

Many grandmothers were delighted to see a program that could draft an adorable dress for their little granddaughters AND print the same dress for her doll.  And, because the designs can be saved, folks who needed costumes or a bridesmaid dress liked the ability to create, save and then print for as many different measurements sets as needed. Of course, the Measurement Wizard could speed up this process.


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