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LivingSoft Subscriber Newsletter | Volume 8

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Help Files Expanded

Help Files in the program have been greatly expanded. Take a look at our new Library of Sewing and Tool Use Tips!

Starting with the release of the Illusions Collection which has specific designs for both the Casual and Comfort Fit Levels, dresses which flow like a waterfall over the body, and the elegant side panel jackets which are found in all the high end shops. New “How To Articles” may be found in the HELP Menu. 

Illusions users were given  new tools along with new designs to try out the “new” fit levels.  These fit levels were designed to offer a slightly more comfortable fit without the bagginess under the arms and elsewhere that unfitted garments offer.


Q & A

Q. I have just had a quick look and can’t see the sleeve designer. All I get is a standard type sleeve editor.


A. In order to use your Sleeve Designer, you must first select Custom Sleeve from the Sleeves options within the grid over Mia. All standard sleeves use the Sleeve Editor.

Q. I installed my program and put in my key codes and am having a problem getting it started. It keeps giving me "invalid code". Do I need new keycodes?

A. If  you are running a very early version of Dress Shop that required User Name and Activation Code, your current keycodes will not work until you update your program. Updates for both Dress Shop 5 & Dress Shop 6 are available from our web site at /DownloadsNew.htm. If your current Dress Shop 5 program is version 5.18 or earlier, you will need to get the full program build from: /DownloadsNew.htm

Your keycodes contain the numbers 1 (one) and 0 (zero), never the letters O, L or I. If you are entering your codes with these letters and not numbers, you will get the Invalid code prompt.



Pre-Order Dress Shop Sew Quick Summer Casuals and Save 20%!

The patterns in this collection are ideal for experienced sewers in a hurry, or for newer users looking for patterns with minimal construction and fit challenges. There are few fitting darts! Neck openings are enlarged to pull over the head rather than use button closures. Fit levels are generally casual with a few stretch knit designs. 28 hot new patterns are included. Click here for more details.

Quick To Sew – Easy To Fit

The Sew Quick patterns can be cut and assembled in about 90 minutes!


Running a Dress Shop User Group

By Marj Jensen

What makes a good user group? People who love to sew and who are committed to making DS software do the work of pattern drafting.  (Tweaks and hand-drafting are OK, but only if we can't figure out a computer-based way to do the job.)

"Show and tell" is the heart of a good meeting:  what works, what looks good or doesn't measure up, what users wouldn't do again, and/or what kind of clothes users need.  Some garments are done; others are "works in progress."

No "guru" is required.  For fitting, one models and everyone comments (often with pins in hand to show what's needed) and works with tape measures; then we figure out what changes need to be made in DS measurements and/or ease to turn out a better fit on the next garment.  Having DS on a computer for the group to see is almost mandatory; it's awfully hard to remember which software change or group of changes will produce a particular result if we haven't seen the program do it.



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