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LivingSoft Subscriber Newsletter | Volume 6

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Another Free Pattern!

Livingsoft is pleased to announce another free pattern to all current Dress Shop owners - a poncho. For information about how to download and use the pattern, click here!




Free On-Line Dress Shop Classes

We have a Dress Shop class room set up to help you through the learning curve, and it is FREE! 

Your instructor is Kaaren Hoback, a long time user and educator for all the Dress Shop programs. She is the designer of both Hat Shop and Illusions and generally coordinates the extensive Beta testing program on LivingSoft products.

There are classes available to learn what’s new with Dress Shop, how to measure, how the patterns draft, what is ease and how it is applied, how to select a silhouette, how to adjust the fit from “default” to exactly what you desire and much more.

First even though this is a “chat room” it is a very secure real class room.  We even have a white board so Kaaren can draw (roughly) a graphic aid. ALL questions on Dress Shop are welcome.

The current schedule for chat classes is as follows:  All Times Pacific US

Tuesday 11:30AM, Wednesday 8PM, Thursday 10AM,Saturday 8PM and Sunday 1PM

Starting the first of the year we are reserving the Wednesday and Thursday sessions for “newbies” going over a basic series of 10 classes on a repeating basis. All are welcome to join ALL class sessions.

To find out how to get there and set up your password just go to:

Print out the instructions and once you have logged in (at any time) bookmark the site to your favorites so you can enter the room quickly.

Internet Explorer and Java are required.  Email Kaaren directly if you need assistance at

Users Helping Users

LivingSoft’s users are a special group, sharing common interests.  Some of the resources available are the Discussion Boards, User Groups and Educators.

Discussion Boards – LivingSoft has a discussion board that is of tremendous value to the new user.  Newbie and expert alike come to this forum to discuss designs, talk about new features and especially to answer questions.  There are also user run discussion boards for Hat Shop and Doll Shop.

User Groups – Across the US, Australia and Canada are groups of LivingSoft users that get together and help each other maximize their enjoyment.  Try looking for one in your area and contact that User Group about when the next meeting is.  These groups are a really great way to learn the details of designing and sewing with Dress Shop.

Educators – LivingSoft has a very special group of users that have the skills that we all need.  Our Authorized Educators can help you with getting that perfect set of measurements or are putting on Work Shops to help teach all of us the finer points of using Dress Shop

The LivingSoft web site has a central place where there are links to all of these user resources.  Check us out at /community.htm


New Year Offer

Now that the holidays are over and you have time to sew, we want to enable you to expand and enhance your creative power of your Dress Shop 6.  Get 25% off the regular price of any Pattern Collection including; Ultimate Pants, Ultimate Outerwear, Essential Lingerie, Essential Activewear, Illusions, the Dress Shop Pattern Library, Doll Shop Deluxe, Hat Shop and Home Dec Sampler.  You can also take 25% off the regular price of any of the Designer Tools; Princess Designer, the Fit Tool, Fashion Designer 1 and Fashion Designer 2.  Or get any of our $15 Pattern Packets for 25% off too.

If you haven't upgraded to DS6 yet, it is only $50. 

See /DS6/DS6Upgrade.htm for DS6 enhancements to DS5.

To order with the discount, order on our web site with offer code NR-105 or phone 800-316-6354.  This limited time offer is good through January 31, 2005.

Have a great 2005!



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