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LivingSoft Subscriber Newsletter | Volume 5

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Another Free Pattern!

Livingsoft is pleased to announce another free pattern to all current Dress Shop owners - a painting/craft smock. For information about how to download and use the pattern, click here!



What Our Customers Are Saying About Dress Shop 6

Our customers are really enjoying Dress Shop 6.  Users of DS6 Basic and DS6 Standard are having lots of fun, it seems the more patterns and design options that people have, the more fun they are having.

“I finished sewing up the blouse with the cowl neck.  All in all, I love this look and am so happy with the Dress Shop fit.  I could never wear cowl necklines before because they always came up to high on my neck and sort of felt like a turtleneck.  I had no problem with this.”  Sandi Campbell, owner of DS6 Pro, Pattern sets 1001-1046, Fashion Designer, Fashion Designer 2, Ultimate Pants, Ultimate Outerwear, Illusions, Hat Shop and Home Dec Sampler.



Use Dress Shop to Make Holiday Gifts!

For those people wondering how to use their software to make holiday gifts, we offer some ideas:

1. Hats and purses: For hats, you only need one body measurement for the individual you're sewing for (around the head, and you can have anyone take that measurement on a loved one who lives far away) and for purses you need none. Hat Shop is easy to use to sew for your family, even when family is 1,000 miles away! Make caps, fishing hats, dressy hats, a cute purse for the granddaughter, or an elegant beaded bag for your mom.



Holiday Ideas

Those of you who have upgraded to Dress Shop 6 already, are enjoying yourselves hugely, if the e-mails we’re getting are any indication.

Now that you’re enjoying your DS6 goodies, here are some more great tools you might enjoy.  Remember you can use the MC-278 offer code and get 25% off!)

Fashion Designer 1:  Upgrade to the original Fashion Designer, FD1 includes the Closure Editor (lets you design your own closures including asymmet ric and wrap closures), Custom Sleeve Designer (lets you creatively manipulate the sleeve shape), Custom Collar Designer tool (make your own unique collar shapes), Blouse/Jacket Shaper (symmetric or asymmetric, curved or straight lines), and the Blouse/Jacket Hanky Hem Editor (new tool, still more hem shaping options).  FD1 is activated automatically (no charge) for DS6 upgraders who own the original Fashion Designer.



Holiday Coupon from Livingsoft!

As our gift to you, please accept the coupon code MC-278 which will enable you to get any Livingsoft program or software add-on for 25% off.  You can use the code to order at or by calling 800-316-6354.  You can use the code to mail a check order to Livingsoft, P.O. Box 3496, Renton, WA 98056-3496.

This offer may not be used in combination with any other discount offers.  If you’re ordering an upgrade to DS6 or any other item which is currently discounted (FD1 and FD2 are discounted to $29 from $49 for DS6 upgrade purchasers only), you should order the DS6 upgrade, FD1 or FD2 in a separate order.

You can use your special discount to buy yourself a present or use it to buy a program for a friend or family member.  Give the code itself to a friend as a gift, for her to purchase the program.

If you give the code to your favorite Santa, Santa can call the 800# or mail in the order.  We’ll organize your gift however Santa prefers, either put it directly into your account so you can get your new program right away, or we’ll register the purchase under the purchaser’s name, so you can be surprised.  We’ll transfer the ownership after December 25. 

We just love being Santa’s little helpers, and we want to help YOU own the software you want.

Payment Plans For Any Budget

Is budgeting for the holidays leaving you with not much to spend on yourself?  Or would you like to spend more on certain members of your family but your generous impulses threaten to overpower your December paycheck?

Livingsoft to the rescue!  We’ll be happy to arrange a modest payment plan on software you want to buy for yourself, or for friends or family.

So go ahead and get Dress Shop 6 Basic (regular retail $99, but only $75 with the 25% Holiday Coupon for Livingsoft customers, AM-123) for your mom, or your three sisters, or those four grandchildren, or just your best friend, because we can help you construct a personalized payment plan for your purchase, that won’t take too big a bite out of your cash flow.  Don’t forget to order something special for you too, because you know you can use Livingsoft software not only to design and sew beautiful clothes for yourself, but for family members as well.   Getting Dress Shop software for yourself is a long-term investment for your whole family!

Call 800-316-6354 to design a personal payment plan to enable you to put Dress Shop software under your own tree and under several other trees as well!


Q. I have Windows XP with Service Pack 2. When I ask the program to show a video clip I get a message in the box saying "To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this file from showing". How I can set Internet Explorer (or anything else which needs to be set) to accept my request, without going through several steps to get there.

A. Go into IE, Tools, internet options and advanced tab. Scroll down to security and tick the "Allow active content to run in files on my computer"

Q. My computer went down and I lost all of my measurements. Is there any way to save them other than in the program?

A. To protect measurements, keycodes and saved drafted patterns, go into your DressShop folder (My Documents\DressShop), locate your "My" files: MyPatterns (folder); MyDSActivations; MyDSMeasurements and MyDSSettings and copy these files to a floppy disk. If you need to re-enter these into your Dress Shop program, simply 'Paste' them back into your DS folder.



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