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LivingSoft Subscriber Newsletter | Volume 4

What People Are Saying About Dress Shop 6

This update is just wonderful. I am truly amazed. My grand daughter wanted an old fashioned night gown with the curved yoke and once again it suddenly appeared. Are you guys bugging my house (grin)?  Thank you.

-- Jacqui G.


"I love all the great additions to DS--now, if I can just be creative enough to take advantage of these wonderful features."

--Elizabeth  P.


DS6 and FD2 is up and running on my PC and I have been playing and playing and playing. Just realized I forgot to check out the cowl collar so I must play some more! The hanky hems in the shaper tool are great fun for the blouses and jackets, yokes are super (I have some jeans in the makings), love the wing collars. Oh - and the funnel neck is one of my favorites. So many goodies, so much FUN. And I have a monster stash of fabric to work down. This is so exciting I may not want to leave for my upcoming vacation in Mexico!

-- June C.


The really neat thing is that I can pick any neck line...jewel, scoop, v-neck and the program adjusted the collar to fit any length....With the tools you can make it as wide or as narrow as you want. You can change the shape of the edges. I'm going to have a whole bunch of new blouses to go with my jumpers.

-- Janet B.


The new tools and Fashion Designer 2 are worth the price....and then you get some wonderful new sleeves too.  There is a lot of 'bang for your buck' in this upgrade!  Even after working with it for several weeks I am awed by how great it is and how much wonderful new information and instruction has been added to the program.  Well.......don't just read this.......log on and buy Dress Shop 6!! You will love it!

-- Nancy N.


Okay, I bought myself the upgrade to DS6 Deluxe and FD1 as a birthday present for me this afternoon... AND... Between 5pm and 7pm I called up, printed out, taped together & cut out patterns for my almost-4-year-old son Isaac... AND, I cut out 3 pairs of pants for him from the first pattern I printed out and made them up *before* 7pm.

--Melissa R.

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