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LivingSoft Subscriber Newsletter | Volume 4


Q:  When I draft a pattern the back bust line is always about 3 inches too low.  The front bust line is in the proper placement.  How do I adjust the back bust position without effecting the front?
A. Bust level in the front AND in the back is determined the same way -- by coming down from your shoulder point by the amount you have entered for Bust Depth. That is the same amount for front and back. So, if back bust level is out of place, then that suggests your back shoulder points is out of place. That is, the slope of the back shoulder line is too great.
If that is the case, you should increase Shoulder Slope Back until it is in place.

Q:  Does Dress Shop provide any sewing or assembly directions?

A:  Yes. More all the time. In addition to the 120+ page user manual, every new update includes more illustrated articles to help with your sewing projects. These articles, written by sewers for sewers, come from some of Dress Shop's most experienced users. With pictures illustrating every step of the process, they provide an invaluable aid to getting your projects perfected and getting more out of Dress Shop.
In Dress Shop 5.19, a new "Help Index" was added to provide easy access to this growing array of great instruction from other Dress Shop users.

Q:  Can I install the Dress Shop 6 demo in a separate folder and still keep my Dress Shop 5 program intact and untouched?

A:  No, it does not work quite that way. The two programs share the same drafting module. When you install DS6, Windows is informed that there is a new copy of that drafting module on your computer. Next time you run DS5, Windows uses the new one, rather than the old DS5 one. But, they are not compatible. If you use the new drafting module, you need to use all the other new code in the DS6 folder as well. You cannot have both in separate folders.


Q:  Well then, how can I take a look at Dress Shop 6 before committing to it?
A:  No problem. That's why Dress Shop 6 was released at the same time and in the same fashion as Dress Shop 5.19. Get either and you have both. If you update to Dress Shop 5.19 (our latest and cleanest version of Dress Shop), you not only get more features with that update (new yoke options, for instance), you also get the ability to preview the Dress Shop 6 products. You are running 5.19, but the File menu includes previews for Dress Shop 6 products and Fashion Designer Toolkits 1 and 2. You can view them all before you decide. But, you should get that 5.19 update in any case.