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LivingSoft Subscriber Newsletter | Volume 4

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This Just In

Dress Shop 6 Released!

Dress Shop 6 has something exciting to offer to every upgrading customer.

Additional measurement and fit options (and more) for DS5 QuickFit owners who upgrade to the corresponding DS6 Standard for $50.

Additional necklines, collars, sleeves and yokes (funnel, wing, dolman, chevron, Western) and more, for DS5 Advanced owners upgrading to DS6 Deluxe for $50.

Additional necklines, sleeves and yokes (cowl, batwing, lantern, circle, etc.) and more for DS5 Pro owners who upgrade to DS6 Pro for $50.

We also have two new Fashion Designer packages.  FD1 and FD2 are each $49 (and owners of the original FD get FD1 FREE when they upgrade to some version of DS6 – which will activate the new blouse/jacket hanky hem editor)


What People Are Saying About Dress Shop 6

This update is just wonderful. I am truly amazed.  My grand daughter wanted an old fashioned night gown with the curved yoke and once again it suddenly appeared. Are you guys bugging my house (grin)? Thank you.

-- Jacqui G.


New Fashion Designer Tools

Fashion Designer 1

The Fashion Designer collection of tools are for creative sewers that want to enhance their patterns with their own, personalized flair. These tools allow near free-form alteration of patterns to your own personal specification.

Fashion Designer 1 includes all the tools of the previous version of Fashion Designer plus the all new Hanky Hem Editor.  Click on each tool listed to see what it can do...

Closure Editor

Custom Sleeve Designer

Custom Collar Designer Tool

Blouse / Jacket Shaper

Blouse / Jacket Hanky Hem Editor  

Fashion Designer 2

Fashion Designer 2 has more great tools that you can add to your Dress Shop product. Bring your creative ideas to life in your patterns with these easy to use, powerful pattern editing tools. Click on each tool listed to see more of what it can do.

Yoke Editor for blouses, dresses, jackets, and coats

Yoke Editor for Pants and Skirts

Wing Collar Editor plus 3 new wing collars


Limited Time Specials

Combination Upgrade Special

Upgrades from Dress Shop 5 to Dress Shop 6 are $50, but  if you combine that with an upgrade to a higher level of Dress Shop at the same time, you can increase your savings!

For more information, see /DS6/DS6Offers.htm

Additional Limited Time Specials

If purchased with an upgrade, take 40% off your purchase of either or both Fashion Designer Toolkits!

For more information about this offer, see /DS6/DS6Offers.htm.


Q:  When I draft a pattern the back bust line is always about 3 inches too low.  The front bust line is in the proper placement.  How do I adjust the back bust position without effecting the front?
A. Bust level in the front AND in the back is determined the same way -- by coming down from your shoulder point by the amount you have entered for Bust Depth. That is the same amount for front and back. So, if back bust level is out of place, then that suggests your back shoulder points is out of place. That is, the slope of the back shoulder line is too great.
If that is the case, you should increase Shoulder Slope Back until it is in place.



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