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LivingSoft Subscriber Newsletter | Volume 3

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This Just In

Another Free Pattern!

Livingsoft is pleased to announce another free pattern to all current Dress Shop owners.  Just in time for Fall and Winter a sweatercoat for you. For information about how to download and use the pattern, please see:





Introducing the Princess Designer Collection

This collection is pure fun.

There are 42 new patterns included, an assortment of dresses, blouses, jackets and coats.  The patterns are split between armhole princess styles and the classic shoulder princess styles.  And each of the new 42 patterns has something unique and different about it.

There are the styles that have a pleat added.  The princess line draws to the waist or hip, and then merges into a pleat (in the sewn pattern, the overall effect is that the princess line completely disappears and a pleat flows out of it).


Dress Shop Product Update

Illusions Enhanced

Yes, owners of our exciting Illusions program, released early in the summer, will be excited to learn that we have more than DOUBLED the number of patterns.  To the original 28 patterns we’ve added 37 more, at no extra charge!

Dress Shop Illusions is offered for just $129.00.  A collection designed to be an add-on to Dress Shop 5, Illusions offers patterns which flatter any body, and give an impression of a more slender shape.  The patterns accomplish this using styles with vertical seams and design details, also more ease with some waist shaping (though not as much waist shaping as traditional “fitted” garments).


The New Fit Tool 

Take a look at the options in our new “Casuals and Comforts -- The Fit Tool.” 

Included are two additional ease options (Casual fit and Comfort fit) for every fitted and semi-fitted garment.  Also included are adjustments for designing garments to be worn over blouses or even thicker garments (not just for jackets, but also for other garments you may want to use as tunics or as part of a layered ensemble).


Pattern Drafting 101

Q: I’m confused about the difference between the Edit Sleeve tool and the Custom Sleeve tool which are both button options in my program.  I’m also confused by the fact that sometimes I try to use one of them, and the one I’m trying to use is grayed out.  Please help. 

A: First, this question only applies to owners of the Dress Shop Fashion Designer program.  Owners of other Dress Shop 5 generation program will have the Edit Sleeve tool, but not the Custom Sleeve tool.

If you own Fashion Designer, you will have two sleeve tools.  Use the Edit Sleeve tool to modify different parts (sleeve cap height and width, cap ease, bicep ease, sleeve length, and more) of any of the standard sleeve styles (anything from the straight sleeve to a gathered sleeve to a 2-piece sleeve) which come as a design option with the current pattern you’re making.



Q: I am following the instructions in DS5 exactly, but every time I enter my code for Hat Shop it comes back as invalid. Do I need a new code?

A: No new code needed. The problem here is that the keycode for Hat Shop is being entered into Dress Shop. This is a common misconception. LivingSoft currently offers three separate programs: Dress Shop, Hat Shop and Home Dec Sampler. Each of these programs are designed to do different things and must be installed separately.



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