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LivingSoft Subscriber Newsletter | Volume 2

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The first Livingsoft Newsleteter was an unabashed success!  Thanks for all your feedback. We're going to be doing these on a monthly basis and if you've missed an issue you can always view them from the archive.


This Just In

Free Pattern!

Livingsoft is pleased to announce a free pattern to all current Dress Shop owners.  For information about how to download and use the pattern, please see:


Princess Casuals and Comforts Released 

Introducing our two latest add-on pattern sets:  Princess Casual Fit ($49) and Princess Comfort Fit ($49).

Princess patterns are among the most closely fitted style lines in Dress Shop.  While the vertical lines can provide a slimming illusion, some wearers may not like the snug fit at the bust, waist, ab and hips that come with this elegant line.  The Princess Casuals set was created to meet that need.  While it includes the slenderizing princess line with gentle shaping at the waist, it also has more ease at the bust, waist, ab and hip so it is more comfortable, less revealing, and does not spoil the slimming illusion by showing more than you would wish.

The Princess Comfort fit patterns add a bit more ease, to barely hint at waistline shaping.  These patterns are shaped for the larger woman who needs extra room for comfort.

Take a look at the patterns using the Preview function in your Dress Shop 5 program, and see which fit is best for you, casual or comfort.  In DS5, go to File/Preview/Preview A Program, and select either Dress Shop Princess Casuals or Dress Shop Princess Comforts.  Then you can pull down the Patterns menu and view the specific patterns which are included in the new pattern collections.

Or go to /New.htm for more information on the new sets.

Dress Shop Tip of the Month

Dress Shop offers several pre-programmed custom Fit Levels. Our Ease is not determined by a simple number of inches for a close or loose fit. That simply will not perform well enough to our standards. You will get your fit and ease based on a percentage of YOUR body measurements. What is Ease? Ease is the room given in a garment to change its design and be comfortable. There are three types of ease in a garment silhouette:

  • Design Ease - to shape the actual design.

  • Wear Ease - is that extra little bit to make it comfortable.

  • Collateral Ease - which allows the smoothing of join lines at side seams so they sew together smoothly.

We have done the Math for you! The Default Ease is the combined ease of all three factors to provide different fit levels.  More


Sewing Tip

QuickFit Sizes Get You Going Quickly

Plus bonus ribbing technique used in T/shorts set

By Anne Thomas, Educator

 I wanted to make a T-Shirt and Shorts set for my grandson Quinn from a cute cotton knit print.  It had snakes, frogs, turtles, frogs and bugs on it.  After experimenting with children’s standard sizes and the QuickFit measurements standard adjustments section of the program, I found an easy method for getting a measurement set that would work for my grandson.   All I needed was his height, chest and waist!    More

Pattern Drafting 101

How sleeve caps work

The length of the sleeve cap curve depends on 3 separate and independant factors:
1. Cap width. Comes from bicep width plus ease, but can also vary somewhat based on bicep position and width of the base of the sleeve.
2. Cap height. Starts out just under actual armhole height, but is allowed to be reduced to armhole measurement. Actual armhole height varies by pattern type, and based on armhole ease.
3. Armscye length plus cap ease. Armscye length can vary based on armhole depth measurement, armhole design ease, user supplied armhole wear ease, actual back armhole depth (varies by Side Length), shoulder width, bust width, bust ease, across chest, and across back measurements. Whew. Long list. All of these can make the length of the armscye curve vary. Once you have the actual front and back armscye curve lengths, then we add cap ease to that. More



Q. When I select Print this Page, I'm only getting one page. When I select Print all Pages, I only get the first pattern piece. Where's the rest of my pattern?

A. Print this Page refers to the currently displayed “section” of your pattern piece, not the pattern piece itself (bodice front, back, etc) and will print only what is displaying on your screen. Print all Pages will print out all pages (sections) of the currently displayed pattern piece, not all pattern pieces of the garment. Once you have printed all “sections” for the currently displayed pattern piece, select Next Pattern Piece to display and print the remaining pattern pieces of your selected garment.

Q: Why aren't the facing pieces showing up in the layout tool?



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