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LivingSoft Subscriber Newsletter | Volume 15

New Dress Shop 8!
New Doll Shop Deluxe 8!
New Fall Collection Available!
New Dress Shop Ultimate Suite!
Special Offer - Get the Fall Collection for FREE!


    Upgrade to Dress Shop 8!
(for those that own any version of
Dress Shop)

Radically Improved Fit:

Every close-fit pattern in Dress Shop has been extensively reworked to provide better fit and easier construction. Pants patterns have been radically improved.  Fitted blouses, dresses, princess patterns, and all close-fit patterns are all truer to charts and provide better fit than ever before.

New Patterns:

  • Empire Wrap Blouses and Dresses

  • Raised Empire Blouses and Dresses

  • Midriff Panel Blouses

  • Ruffled or Flounced Blouses, Dresses, and Loungewear

  • Peplum skirts, blouses and jackets.

  • Click here for full list and sample pix.

New Tools:

New Features and Options:

Detailed Sewing Instructions for every pattern.

Includes the upgrade to Doll Shop Deluxe as well.

Includes the new Fall Collection. 22 fashionable cool weather patterns to add to your pattern library. Click here for photos and full description.

Special Offer
through Dec. 31st!

Upgrade to Dress Shop 8

And get the $49 Fall Collection for FREE!


Dress Shop Ultimate Suite
Save $250!
When you want it all!  Buy the Suite and pay only for those items you do not already own. Sales price is reduced automatically based on what you own. The Suite includes:

  • Dress Shop Pro and all of its patterns
  • Doll Shop Deluxe
  • Sew Quick Collection
  • Illusions Collection
  • Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer Collections
  • Ultimate Outerwear
  • Ultimate Activewear
  • Ultimate Lingerie and Loungewear
  • Men's Essential Collection
  • Pattern Packets 1032,1045,1049,1050,1051,1052
    (those not included in other collections)
  • The Complete Pants Customizer Design Tool

Combined retail value is $1360. Take the lot and save $250!

Click here to purchase.

Doll Shop Deluxe Upgraded!
(for those that already own any version of Doll Shop Deluxe)

Livingsoft is announcing the first major overhaul and upgrade of Doll Shop Deluxe. Major changes include:
  • All doll charts reworked, rebalanced, and tuned to produce better patterns. Several new doll charts added.
  • All patterns in the extended pattern library now draft properly with doll sizes.
  • All options in the expanded Dress Shop 8 option menus now work with doll sizes.
  • All settings in all option menus now work with doll sizes.
  • All design tools now work with doll sizes.
  • Full pattern instructions are now included for every pattern.
  • User manual and help files have been updated for dolls.
  • New, simplified measurement chart for dolls only was added to make measuring easier than ever before.

For owners of both Dress Shop and Doll Deluxe upgrade to Doll Deluxe is included with the Dress Shop upgrade at no additional charge. One upgrade covers both.

There's much more. Come by the Doll Shop Deluxe page, learn more and see the pix.



Customer Service Q&A

Q. Where did the Dress Shop pattern menu go and why did it change?

A. Dress Shop has not been upgraded in several years, largely because the pattern menus just over-flowed. With over 700 patterns being created in code, as they were selected from that in-program menu, the program just got slower and more cumbersome with each new pattern added. With Dress Shop 8, we moved those patterns into saved pattern files, stored on disk where Windows could keep track of them for us. The program got faster and there are no longer any limitations regarding adding more patterns.

Q. Where are the option buttons and how have those changed?

A. As more options and more design tools were added, the column of buttons at the left side of the drafting window was getting too tall and crowded for many users' displays. We moved the options and design tools into drop down menus from the top menu bar. And, they were simplified so that only those options appropriate for a given pattern are shown. All the usable options are there and then some.

Q. Do I need Dress Shop 8 if I already have the latest MPD program?

A. While it is possible to export your Dress Shop patterns to MPD and get a better fit that way, you cannot get the pattern options that Dress Shop provided. The MPD menus are just different. A typical MPD blouse pattern has 5 neckline options. So, Dress Shop blouses get just 5 neckline options when you import them. With Dress Shop 8 Pro, blouses can use any of 57 neckline choices. All of the other option dialogs are similar. Dress Shop 8 provides both the enhanced MPD fit as well as more options for each of the specific Dress Shop patterns than MPD can provide when they are imported.

Q. How can I tell if it is worth upgrading from Standard to Pro?

A. When you run Dress Shop 8 Standard, every dialog box will show you options that are available with Pro. These are disabled and highlighted in red. You can see them but not use them unless you upgrade to Pro. If you notice that a lot of interesting features are highlighted, then you might wish to upgrade.

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