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LivingSoft Subscriber Newsletter | Volume 13

Dress Shop 7 Released! 

Become a Fashion Designer at home!

With Dress Shop 7, you too can be a fashion designer, starting with a pattern that fits
and making something extraordinary to wear!

On October 20, 2006, Dress Shop 7 was released, exactly two years after Dress Shop 6 was released. Dress Shop 7 includes more patterns, more tools, more necklines, more collars, more sleeves, and more closure options than ever before. And, upgrading is a bargain. If you do not yet own the Dress Shop Fashion Design tools, upgrading to Dress Shop 7 gives you over $200 worth of design tools for just the $60 upgrade price. And, you get more than a hundred additional patterns, plus the new necklines, collars, closures, and sleeves to boot.
If you do own any of the prior tool products, you get a discount on the upgrade for each tool you own. Either way, you win!
Upgrading from Dress Shop 6 to Dress Shop 7 costs $60, less $10 for each Dress Shop Tool product you own (Fashion Designer 1, Fashion Designer 2, Princess Designer, and The Fit Tool. Minimum upgrade price is $30, however.

For more information on upgrading to Dress Shop 7, be sure to check out How To Upgrade.


Dress Shop Pattern Collection Revised

We've revised the Dress Shop Pattern Collections!  Some have been combined and in many cases the price has been lowered!  For more information see:




Q. I just updated to Internet Explorer 7, and now my Dress Shop program does not work. The program displays only in a very small window in the upper left corner, rather than filling the screen. What happened?

A. There was an issue with the launching program that "spawns" Internet Explorer, rather than with Dress Shop itself. IE7 has slightly different requirements for that than IE6 did. There is a patch file that you can download from the downloads page. After downloading it, be sure that your Dress Shop program is completely closed, and then run the file to install the fix. It will install to the default Dress Shop folder location, so if you have Dress Shop installed elsewhere, be sure to change that when you install the patch.

This fix works on any version of Dress Shop 5, 6, or 7. The fix will be included in the next Dress Shop update that is released.


The NEW Design Elements in Dress Shop 7

The Dress Shop 7 upgrade includes many new features, but this article will address only the new design elements: necklines, collars, closures, sleeves, waist offset and Pattern Conversion tools.  Dress Shop 7 Pro also includes ALL of the fashion design tools as well.

Necklines: Some necklines were added to Dress Shop for just one or 2 named patterns. The Cami neck for instance was available only for the Camisole and you could use it on just that one pattern from the Lingerie category. Now, this neckline may be used on fitted shirts, shells, sheaths, and jumpers for a wide assortment of garment designs. The Henley and Polo necks were released with a collection and could be used only by those who owned that collection. Now they are available for any garment that would support them.

The new bib style feature is placed under necklines.  You can now make bibbed overalls, snow pants, ski pants, even bibbed wet suits, or the more commonly used bibbed jumpers for women, men or children. Select the Bib using the Mia/or Mark neckline choices for any waisted dress, pant suit or blouse. You can adjust the depth of the front or back.

The Polo neck, Henley neck, crew neck, and the formal necklines such as strapless, and spaghetti straps are now available for your designs.   The list now includes 30 different necklines to choose from!

See /DS7/Necklines.htm for a view of all the necklines!

Collars: With all these new necklines, how about some new collars! In addition to the basic “convertible collars” which have long been part of Dress Shop, there were also some non-convertible collar types such as the Peter Pan.

We have now added several new non-convertible styles including a round collar, a square collar and 2 versions of a scalloped collar. These collars are great for both children and adults.  You may add a nice little scalloped collar to an interlock tee or make it in lace or eyelet on a batiste or silk blouse to create the extraordinary.

See  /DS7/Collars.htm to view these great collars you may use in your designs.



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