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 NEW from LivingsoftNW  - My Pattern DesignerTM


My Pattern Designer - An Exciting innovative NEW product with thousands and thousands of patterns for you to pick exactly what you want!  MPD – An innovative way to create and select patterns!

My Pattern Designer (or MPD) is the largest selection of available patterns in the world! It's a user friendly version of the tools that the Livingsoft's designers have been using for years now to develop new patterns for Dress Shop. These tools allow the designer to mix and match just about any feature from any pattern in Dress Shop and see which ones work and are worth sharing. Now, we have reworked these tools to let you make those choices. YOU can choose which features to mix. YOU choose which options to combine. YOU make all the design decisions and find that unique mix that is just what you want, not what someone else chose for you.

Comes with 8 patterns...


What is My Pattern Designer

My Pattern Designer is a pattern design tool that works with Dress Shop. But, it is not like any other Dress Shop tool that Livingsoft has ever released. All other Dress Shop tools provide means to modify existing Dress Shop patterns. MPD does not do that. It does not modify your current Dress Shop patterns.

MPD is the tool that the Dress Shop designers use to make new patterns. This is the latest version of the tools that we have been using to make new Dress Shop patterns and new collections of patterns. Now, Livingsoft is releasing it to everyone so you, too, can make new custom patterns, build personalized collections, and come up with new combinations that have not yet been available in Dress Shop.

MPD is a super-pattern catalog, allowing you to select patterns that have not been made yet. 8 pattern credits come with MPD and you can add more at any time. The more you buy, the cheaper they get. But, each and every pattern credit can be used to purchase the perfect pattern of your own design. Rather than buying collections that may contain a few gems and a bunch of others that you may or may not want, MPD lets you get just the ones you really, really want. 

We call those “cherry” patterns. When you cherry pick the best of the best, you never pay for anything you do not really want. MPD lets you build personalized cherry collections, choosing just the patterns that you need.



Q & A

Q. How many patterns do I get with My Pattern Designer?

A. My Pattern Designer™ comes with 5 personalized patterns when you first buy it. Through the end of 2005, early buyers of My Pattern Designer™  will get 3 bonus patterns.

Q. That does not sound like a lot of patterns. Most other Dress Shop collections came with more than that.

A. That's true. But, all prior Dress Shop™ collections came with a group of patterns that somebody else chose. Some were great and just what you wanted, but probably not all of them. Every collection had some gems, but also included patterns that you did not ever get around to making. My Pattern Designer™ is all gems. You pay for only those patterns that you really want, making your own personalized collection. We call them "cherry" patterns and "Cherry Collections" because you can cherry pick the patterns that are the best of the best for you. MPD is a whopping big catalog of patterns that you can choose from.

Q. So, just how many patterns are there in the My Pattern Designer catalog?

A. At the time My Pattern Designer was first released, there were over 90,000 patterns included. The number changes as we identify features that just do not work together and remove those from the menus - you should have seen the yoked princess patterns or the raglan sleeve halter tops! But, the list gets longer when we overcome a compatibility problem. The high-waist princess line blouses were worked out during the final beta testing. In the coming months, we expect to hook up the menus for outerwear, loungewear, activewear, men's wear, and children's patterns.  If you would like to see which patterns are available in MPD, click here.

Q. I just purchased My Pattern Designer™. Do I have to take all of my measurements again?

A. No, you do not. Upon opening your My Pattern Designer, your personal measurement files are automatically imported from your Dress Shop program. If you add to or change any measurements in your Dress Shop program, use the Import Measurements feature to retrieve them for use in My Pattern Designer™.


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