Installation Directions
for any product or update you have
downloaded from the Livingsoft web site.

1: Disable any pop-up blocking software prior to download.

2: Do not download on top of a previous download which may be corrupt. You should either delete or rename prior download files that you suspect may be corrupted before redownloading.

3: Always "Save" your download, do not 'Run from current location" or "Open" it.

4: We advise that you download to your desktop. Or, you may create a new folder on your desktop named Dress Shop Updates and download your update into this folder so you can find it when the download is finished. If you have limited space on your hard drive, once you have confirmed that the update is installed and functioning properly, delete the download file, which is the 'delivery vessel only' and is not necessary after you have installed it.

To change your Download location, when the "Save as" window comes up, just below the top title bar is a "Save in" option with a small window to the right. If you click in the window you will get a drop down menu. At the very top of the menu (sometime you may need to scroll up to the top) is listed Desktop. This is where you want to save your download. It is much easier to find and you are not putting a lot of unnecessary files into your DressShop folder, which is never a good idea.

Do not change the name of the download file.

5: Be Sure that your Dress Shop program is closed down completely prior to installing any updates. (A good rule to follow is to close all open applications prior to installing programs or updates whether they are Livingsoft or other software programs.)

6. After the download is finished, turn off any virus protection software you have while you install. After the installation is complete, you should turn your virus protection software back on.

7. "Open" or "Run" the downloaded file to install it. Or, double click on the download file to install it. During installation, follow the instructions in the Installation windows. 


Installation Q & A:

1. Q - When installing an update, do I need to uninstall anything?
    A - No. You should never uninstall anything unless you are leaving Dress Shop forever or when you have been specifically directed to uninstall by someone from Livingsoft customer support. Uninstalling almost never does anything useful and very often causes problems.

2.  Q - When installing an update, do I need to have installed any earlier updates?
     A - No.
Every update is complete and includes all prior updates.

3.  Q - If I get an error message during downloading or during installing, what should I do?
     A -
The update and download masters available at the Livingsoft web site are always tested to confirm that they will download and install before they are released. If your copy did not download or did not install, then you have experienced an error during the download process. This most often happens to telephone modem users as their downloads take longer and are more susceptible to line noise. But, it can happen for other reasons as well. Your only fix is to try again. To make certain you do not download on top of a corrupt file, you should delete or rename the corrupted file before you try downloading again. If the problem persists, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and see if they can help.