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Active Pants Collection
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General Categories Included:
  • Boot Cut Jazz
  • Fold Over Capri
  • Fold Over Yoga
  • Martial Arts Gi
  • Ski
  • Snow
  • Sport
  • V-Waist Jazz
  • Yoga Capri
  • Yoga Legging
  • Yoga

Pattern Features Included:

  • The fold-over waist band can be used on any pants with same color or contrasting fabric. Pull it higher or lower as you like to change the waist level while you wear it.

  • Gussets are now available for the inseam / crotch of any pants that need more freedom of leg movement, whether that's in a karate gi or a high-kick dance outfit.

  • Stirrups can be added to the foot of any stretch pants to keep them down when vigorous movement might make them ride up.


The fold-over waist really
sets off these yoga pants.


Jazz Pants come with
an option for a vee-waist.

The new stretch fit types included with all
Activewear Pants insures a great fit!