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January - 2005


Black tweed poncho with slit neck and mock button shoulder seam.

Brown poncho with bound boat neck and fringed edges.


submitted by Dress Shop designer Tessa Elston
St. Albert, Alberta, Canada
and modeled by her daughter Astrid


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1. NOTE: This pattern will work properly with Dress Shop build 5 or 6 only. Later versions of Dress Shop cannot work with these early example patterns.

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4. Read the construction directions. Click here to view them in .PDF format (requires Adobe Acrobat). You can save them to your own hard drive from within Acrobat.

5. Use It.  Run Dress Shop. From the File menu, select "Load Pattern". In the list shown there, you should now find "Two-Point Poncho.pat". Select that and it will load. You can change neckline and ease as you could with any other Dress Shop pattern.


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