Dress Shop  Custom-Fit / Custom-Design sewing patterns for you and your entire family. All types of garments with hundreds of options. Begin with "Dress Shop Quick Start" and graduate to "Deluxe" or "Pro" when you are ready for the added features and tools. Additional patterns available in small packets or larger collections.

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Patterns Included
Specials and Offers

Seasonal pattern collections may be added to any version of Dress Shop 9 or later.

The Spring

The Summer

The Fall

The Winter
Themed collections & design tools may be added to any version of Dress Shop 9 or later.

Sew Quick
Easy sew - Easy Fit
90 minute projects

Flattering styles for real people.

Pants Collections
Patterns for virtually any custom pants.

Swimsuit Customizer
Patterns for virtually any custom swimsuit.

      Doll Shop Deluxe

Make your own custom designed, custom fit clothing for your dolls! Doll Shop Deluxe comes with 80 patterns and can work with all the patterns and features in the Dress Shop library. Includes directions and patterns to make your own custom doll, with all the facial art needed to match your favorite doll fan! 

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